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I am no one, every one, a yogi philosopher artist, a being wholly in love with the living of life. I was born in LA to my Indian parents, who named me Megna Paula. Raised on meditative training, existential literature, and the Beatles, I was a dreamer dancer scholar.  I gave my Bharatnatyam Arengetram in New York at age 16, began choreographing and teaching that year, performed at Madison Square Garden the following year, then left dance for Duke University.

As an undergrad at Duke, I was passionate about the mind and about fitness. I was pre-med, Neuroscience major, and, according to Four Square, the mayor of Wilson Gym. I discovered Rocket yoga there, and began daily Ashtanga practice when I moved to DC. When I began thinking for myself, I dropped out of Georgetown to teach full time (yoga, barre, Pilates, with emphasis on private lessons). I immersed myself in the modern-ascetic life while teaching at the White House Athletic center and Embassy Row.

My life now, in the East Village, is infinitely magical. I teach full time, mostly private lessons but also for Equinox. In the summers, I grow much of what I eat in my top-floor terrace garden. Kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, strawberries, and so many herbs: tulsi basil, oregano, sage, six kinds of mint. I have been vegan for 11 years and often teach Ayurveda for my clients.

I am currently practicing Ashtanga second series at dawn on the terrace 6 days/week, first series on Saturdays, Iyengar practices each evening. Midday, I’m inside, writing my first novel, reading philosophy, making anatomy sketches and playing around on the guitar and flute. Mostly, I’m breathing in and out all that I love to live.

Thank you for reading this far. I wish you every blessing in your journey. If you are seeking yoga guidance, I would be honored to share time and knowledge with you.

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