Invitations to Celebrations

Dear friend,

What a beautiful time of year! With equal lengths of day and night, the Autumnal Equinox invites us to search out a new balance in our lives. In New York, we are still basking in the heat of summer, knowing that longer, cooler nights are on the horizon. Nature and sunshine feel sweeter than ever.

I’m so excited to invite you to two celebrations of fall! This Saturday at 5:45pm, I will be hosting a New Moon yoga class with a live music at Equinox SoHo. The collective energy will be totally dreamy— guitar, flute, and creative vinyasa sequences to drop us into the natural rhythm of breath and body. Such a peaceful way to enter into a new moon cycle, and new season. 

The second invite is more of a sneak peak that I’m just too excited to keep under wraps. Next month, on Halloween, I’ll teach a yoga + writing workshop at Lululemon SoHo! The event is titled Unmasking your Inner Spirit— but that’s all I can tell you for now. Our last event sold out in two days so if you’re in the city, please save the date: October 31, 6:45-8pm. You’ll be out in time to work the parties (or Netflix with a candy basket… no judgement.) Will send the official invite soon!

In other news, I’ve been spending lots of time exploring Central Park, working on short stories (I have a handwritten stack of paper waiting to be typed!), and planning my upcoming trip to India. My life feels full! And yet there is always time and space for love and friendship.

Thinking of you! And would love to hear of you and your life. Sending peace and joy today and always,



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