Each of us is a micro-economy of many interrelated systems: mind, body, emotions.

Everything needs to work together in harmony, with minimal effort, for maximum productivity. 


Any physical impairment—stress, injury, stiffness— decreases healthy mental functions.

Working together, we increase physical fitness to increase your

mental well being, productivity, and creativity.

The Journey

Every lesson is designed to bring you in tune.


We can focus on Ashtanga or Rocket Vinyasa yoga, for the physical body

contemplation practices for your mental and emotional clarity,

diet and lifestyle, for optimal nourishment.

You will step out of each session feeling calm, relaxed, and well cared for;

filled with light, productive energy and clear, positive thinking. 


Lessons are designed to be a journey we take together.

Like any beautiful building, we will begin by creating a solid foundation for all that is to come. 

All skill levels are welcome.

I am currently accepting new clients

and will be happy to connect to discuss your interests.



“I’ve stopped going to see my therapist because an hour here leaves me feeling calmer, clearer and more peaceful. This is my weekly therapy.”

— Erika, mother of 4

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