What I Give

We come to the mat to experience a deep sense of wholeness, and cultivate health on every level: mind, body, energy.

The popularity of yoga today is a gift, but it can also be difficult to access authentic teachings. Ashtanga and Rocket yoga are traditional lineages rooted in India, as is my family ancestry. Born in LA and raised in NY, I teach yoga with equal parts respect and irreverence.

Traditional yoga is not like what is commonly seen in fitness and corporate studios. It is less choreographed, less marketed, more linear, and more directly effective in bringing you the benefits of yoga: strength, mobility, meditative grace, and positive state of mind.

In other words, we love it because it works.


How I live it

Authentic yoga teachings are a reflection not just of training, but of a full embodiment of the philosophy.

Everything I teach comes from my lifelong immersion in the Indian art of meditative movement.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience from Duke University, 

certifications in Rocket, Ashtanga Vinyasa, as well as barre, Pilates, personal training and spin.

With 16 years of teaching experience, and the mind of an artist, I believe in learning to break the rules.

My life in New York City is unconventional:

I wake daily before dawn, to practice 2.5 hours of Second Series Ashtanga.

At sunset, I spend another hour practicing Iyengar inversions and playing with Rocket sequencing.

I love cooking creative, Ayurvedic meals, as well as devoting daily time to meditation, philosophy, and nature.

I teach group lessons for accessibility

and private lessons for true teachings.


Contact Me

​I would love to hear from you!

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  • To ask

    • which yoga tradition is best for you​

    • whether your injuries can be healed through yoga

    • how Ayurveda will benefit your health ​

    • about sharing lessons with a friend or partner

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