Yoga is a deep knowledge base that balances psychological and physiological health to imbue us with vibrant, resilient energy. It is exercise only on the surface level.


When the practice is rooted in theory, we have a therapeutic and empowering system that enables us to access ancient wisdom to elevate our unique potentials Here and Now. 

The richness of yoga is in the journey: cultivating your own unique daily practice leads naturally to enhanced clarity in thought, perception, and deeply felt fulfillment in life. 

As your teacher, it is my role and a true honor to guide and support your work in uncovering your highest expression of self-realization. 


My Roots

I was born in LA, and have been traveling back and forth to India since I was 6 months old.

My first memory, from before I could even walk, was watching my father teach me how to sit in padmasana, lotus pose, the classic seat for meditation.

At age 6, I began taking semi-private lessons in Bharatnatyam (Indian meditative movement/ dance), and began more rigorous training, private lessons, with my guru from age 14-18.

When I left to study psychology and neuroscience at Duke, I was teaching, choreographing, and regularly performing on stage. 


In 2007, I chose to leave the stage and switch artistic disciplines to Ashtanga Yoga, which felt like a homecoming to my body-mind. From my very first class, I was sure that I would teach when I was ready. 


I left my neuroscience research work at Georgetown in 2013, and began my full time yoga life in Washington DC. I taught at Flow, the White House Athletic Center, and many other studios before deciding to teach only private lessons. That is the setting that feels most authentic, honoring yoga as an art and my clients as unique, inspiring, individuals.

My Teaching Space

I am living and loving Manhattan, even through the difficult times that are shaping us a new city.

My East Village home is designed for teaching yoga and enjoying natural life:

we have space for several mats indoors, space for two mats on the garden terrace (where I grow vegetables and flowers!), and space for many mats on my private access rooftop. 


We can share yoga here, immersed in the high vibrations of healthy plants, incense, and years of daily yoga practice,

or we can connect online and share this energy virtually. 


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