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This is the work that I do:

The joy of discovery.

When I am alone and practicing for hours on my mat, I learn the body from the inside. When I have the joy of inviting a client to my yoga home, to unroll a mat next to mine, and to move with me, then the vibes are higher, the discovery deeper, and the journey richer.

The beginning of our session is the starting of a meditative state for me that ends only when my client leaves. For that hour, I am wholly focused on wholly you: it is an unparalleled experience, to have the honor, the trust, the unique shared experience of being within and being together.

I am often a part of a team I don’t know. My clients will have a personal trainer and a spiritual advisor or a chiropractor and a husband; I am a an element of the aspect of the life that is bigger than getting through the day. Our work is like therapy and like training. Every hour is unlike any other hour, which is true in life.

Here is what I love: the transformation.

When we are sitting together, breathing in silence, after our flow, I can see the work we did, I can feel the energy of it. My client looks more youthful— that is the most magical thing, an inexplicable effect: the rosy cheeks, the freshness around the eyes, the easiness of smiling. The body changes shape. Yes, in an hour, the body changes shape. Taller, looser, stronger, all of those things of course but also the indescribable, the energy of being alive.

Sometimes I have moments along the journey, of months, years, where I just feel so proud. Of the person that I am witnessing, the evolution, the work that is possible now but was not possible before. The tone of voice changes over time, and I hear it in the updates on work, on marriage, on thoughts of life and love and all the other things that naturally come through in an hour.

The positive transformation.

I know that the yoga body is not made: it is unveiled. And I know that our practice, the practice of yoga, reveals the magic in the mundane. There is nothing un-miraculous about the human body, the human mind; we only get distracted by everything else.

Coming into my yoga space is, even for me, every day, and especially for my clients, every week, an entrance into the magical mundane. It is peaceful everything. Golden lighting and green plants; bare wooden floors and long stretches of mirror; colored lamps and a bookcase that everyone visits now and again, when in search of something.

That search is really what brings my clients to me: the search of something. It is within, whatever you seek. Strength and clarity and love. Confidence and connection. Elevated energy, power of mind, freedom, serenity.

The work is shared, the journey is one, and the friendship is real.

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