Private lessons: Do you need them?

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I love knowledge. I love the pursuit of it, the discovery, the mind-body revelations, the whole-life reverberations. It’s this love that inspires all that I teach, and write.

Sharing knowledge is an art. The language, the setting, the intention all play together in the transformation from unexpressed to understood, from teacher to student. And ideally, we all feel “student” in some realm of life, because learning is what keeps us vibrant, healthy, leaning into the new. We lose the look for learning only when feeling dull, stressed.

And these are stressful times. We are stressed to be living online, simultaneously disconnected and overconnected. We are stressed about health, and paradoxically, stress underlies all illness and discomfort. We are stressed in overworking the mind, while our bodies need more freedom of movement.

I am so grateful that we have yoga.

Yogic knowledge is the timeless answer to physical health, clear thinking, empowered breath, and low-stress living through all the changes that have and will come. It has adapted from its ancient roots: you can now be at home and online, streaming unlimited videos. And this is great— yoga is more accessible than ever, just when we need it. Even at its shallowest entry point, yoga will alleviate stress, remind you to breathe, and reset your body.

There are drawbacks to virtual flow. We miss the connection to the knowledge possible when teacher sees student. We miss the inspiration of a yoga studio space, the time dedicated to a full immersion in the practice, and the opportunity to walk out of a classroom inspired to practice more at home.

Private lessons are the answer to all of these desires for real life yoga. They honor our new cultural awareness of choosing how we connect with others, conscious of setting and intention. Yoga lessons in particular are an investment in learning how to elevate your own mind-body health, as well as a restorative experience that alleviates the stress of daily life.

I was blessed to grow up taking one-on-one lessons, learning classical Indian movement as well as tennis and piano. There is no better way to learn the arts. Even now, I remember elements from lessons long ago that re-inspire my daily home practice. That, and ten years of working with inspiring private clients, keep me sure that one-on-one is the most authentic way to learn.

How do you know if you would love investing your time and energy in yoga? Private lessons will be most rewarding for you if:

You’re special

Group lessons are perfect if you are average. But if you are not average— if you are very new or very well trained, if you are injured or have a unique body, if you are curious with questions or have surefire goals to reach— then even a few private lessons will blow your body-mind, in the best way. Your time on the mat will be designed just for you, to be exactly what you need in that hour. You will feel fulfilled by each hour of class time, and when you unroll your mat at home, you will be certain how to customize your practice for your body, your goals.

Personally, I found that years and years of group yoga classes and teacher trainings changed my body in ways I did not like, just because the teachers taught to the average sort-of-stiff but athletic body type. In listening and learning for not-me, I found myself over flexible and therefore unstable, even though what I wanted most was to be strong.

The knowledge that revolutionized my body, mind, and daily practice are the hours I spent sitting with my teachers one-on-one, on the mat but also just chatting on living room floors. For my body, my goals, I needed to be seen, to feel close, to have time to ask questions. And that gave my teachers the opportunity to open new doors in my journey. This is what I wish to give to each of my students.

You care

Yoga begins as an exercise then becomes an experience. When you care for yoga as an experience, one that integrates into your daily life, then you will want a high quality education, and trust in a teacher who not only is experienced but also cares for you as much as you do. Our lessons will be taught the way that you want to experience yoga: as flow or as workshop, with demos or with philosophy, with time for talk therapy or jumping right into breathing and moving.

This translates surprisingly well for virtual lessons— we all learn in different ways, but we all learn best when we know that we are seen and supported. If you care about setting, then in-person private lessons are the best. Stepping into a sacred space dedicated to yoga practice opens you to the inner experience, which begins with your senses. When you smell the incense, see the space and lighting, hear the ambient music, and feel the peaceful vibes, your mind will automatically come into a state of readiness.

The setting settles the mind, relaxes the body, and our connection creates the rest of the magic. Spending time one-on-one invites a natural trust, allowing us to speak freely, explore exactly what you want to explore, and keep a sure and steady path of progress, at your pace, for your life.

You want sustainability as well as convenience

The yoga we learn in dedicated time with a teacher is more meaningful than a standardized group class; the lessons we learn one-on-one are forever-lasting. The convenience is better as well— class will never start without you! You choose when to schedule our time for your practice, and because it is one-on-one, the time commitment to yourself and your yoga will feel real.

My favorite part of teaching private lessons is witnessing the transformation from our first moment together, to when we finish. I always see a taller, brighter, calmer, surer person before me. I feel grateful for the knowledge of yoga, and deeply honored to have the opportunity to share it with those who seek.

Sending love and light today and always! xo

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